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For the person who desires

  • confidence in their body and food choices

  • connection with their body to know how to recognize its needs & respond

  • to feel their best and have a healthy lifestyle that's second nature

This is for you.

Balanced BEING is an online course designed to empower you to make big changes with your nutrition on YOUR terms.


  • Six incredibly potent video modules/lessons to watch and learn at your own pace.

  • Goals and homework associated with each module to integrate the content into your lifestyle.

  • Six-month access to community page to ask questions and receive extra support

  • Monthly Q&A zoom calls with Tori, RD

This course will give you the HOW behind...

Cultivating trust in the body

Finding balance in your macronutrients for sustainable energy throughout the day

Introducing variety in your eating to support gut health (which influences EVERYTHING in the body!)

Balancing emotional eating, stress, and other potential barriers to progress

This course is available April 15, 2022. 

At full price, the course and all the materials is $650.

Right now, it's available on PRESALE for $450, or two payments of $250.

Price goes up on April 14 at 5 PM.

Questions? Email us to book time to discuss the course.

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